What is a functional activator ?

An activator is “like a soft tooth guard”, wrapping the teeth up and down. Its main purpose is to rehabilitate the functions of swallowing, chewing and nasal breathing. Indeed, with the activator in the mouth, nasal breathing is mandatory and swallowing will be done automatically with the correct positioning of the tongue.

In addition, the activator will also have a functional equilibrium effect on the overall body posture.

The mouth activator acts asmuch on:

– Chewing by allowing proprioceptive stimulation (teeth, ligaments, muscles, ..),

– The relaxation of the temporomandibular joints (jaws) – Nasal breathing (physiological)

– The correct or typical swallowing

– The relaxation of the facial musculature (lips, cheeks)

Indications of use of functional activators


An oral activator can be used actively (exercises) to strengthen the muscles of the mouth during mastication, protusion and left and right diduction.

It can also be used passively (mainly at night) to relax the muscles of the jaws, counteract bruxism (clenching of teeth) and snoring.

Overall, the activators will be necessary in all the following cases:

– bruxism (tightening of teeth, see wear),

– the tensions of the jaw (crunches, Sadam)

– migraines and headaches,

– neck pain, posture disorders (proprioceptive rebalancing adjusting the wearing of the head),

– maxillofacial rehabilitation (strengthening of the muscles of the mouth), the regulation of masticatory forces,

– Learning nasal breathing,

– Lingual rehabilitation, swallowing and phonation

– muscle building,

– snoring (to allow a better quality of sleep in particular)

The Functional Activator allows a perfect left-right balance of the maxillofacial muscles and thus promotes a better wearing of head. This better posture will automatically benefit the patient posture downhill (upper body down)


This activators is recommended and used by many health professionals :

– dentists, who use it in functional orthodontics (straightening of teeth),

– speech therapists to improve the functions of phonation, swallowing, breathing and chewing,

– physiotherapists, for maxillofacial, lingual and postural rehabilitation,

– posturologists, osteopaths and chiropractors, for postural rehabilitation in order to release loss of mobility (blockages) caused by dysfunction of the temporomandibular joints.

Directions for use:

– Daily wear: actively, to strengthen the muscles of chewing, nasal breathing and relaxation of the cheeks and lips

– Overnight: to relax the muscles of the jaw and fight against bruxism (clenching of teeth) and snoring.


There are different types of activators depending on the problems you are experiencing. Thus, for bruxism problems, a “relax” mouth activator will be advised, while for rehabilitation problems a “tongue” mouth activator will be more appropriate.

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