– How long does a patch last ?

The sticking part can last 3 to 5 days on a clean skin without cream or hair. The black membrane on the patch has a lifespan of approximatively 10 days.


– What can I do if a patch is not sticking anymore ?

If your patch tends to unstick, cut out the black membrane and place it on a new plaster (dressing). The patch will have up to 10 days of use.


– Can we keep the patch in the shower ?

The patch is made to resist to the sweat and can be kept in the shower. Be careful, the patch can unstick if you take a bath too hot or during a swimming session.


– Does the patch contain an active principle ?

There is no product that penetrate the body, these patches are not transdermal.


 Are the patches natural ?

Yes, the assembly of metal oxides (Iron, Titanium, Magnesium, Silicon…) is natural. In the other hand, the membrane is made of polyurethane, the patch is made of cotton and the glue contains synthesis latex.

– Do the patches contain latex glue ?

Yes, the patches contain a little bit of latex. This is why the patch can irritate the people allergic to latex.


– Do the patch heat ?

The energy re-emitted by the patch doesn’t heat. A maximum rise of temperature of 0.2°C has been measured with a neutral product. Some people feel some pins and needles instead of heat under the patch.


– Does the color of the patches mean something ?

The different colors proposed are simply esthetics, all the patches are identical.


– Is there a study proving the efficacy of the patch ?

A study was carried out in 2013 by the independant laboratory Spincontrol  to assess the action of the Active Plus 4U patches. On 110 persons, the study showed the efficacy of the patches on the discomforts felt on the different parts of the body (Cf. Study).


– When do I have to lay patches ?

Patches have 3 modes of action: they can act in prevention to limit the possibility of a new discomfort feeling, during a physical effort for a better comfort and in recovery to regain an energy well-being.


– When have the patches Active Plus 4U been created ?

The patches Active Plus 4U have been commercially available since 2013. Our technology has been developed since 2010 with trail running athletes from the Team Elite Salomon such as Kilian Jornet, François d’Haene, or the american Anton Krupicka.


Are the patches only dedicated to sportsmen ? 

No, the patches can be used by everyone, by young or retired people, sportsmen or not. The patches are dedicated to the persons who want to feel better in their body.


– Where are the patches made ?
Patches are made in France.