Development of Active Plus 4U patches with Trail Running athletes :

Sport is, for us, the perfect laboratory to develop our product, because we encounter many different traumas. Since 2011, Active Plus 4U patches have been developed in collaboration with famous athletes from Trail Running. Despite their habitual treatment, some athletes were showing repeated discomforts impacting their performance. Application of Active Plus 4U patches ended those discomforts and brought an immediate relief and a well-being. These positive observations have permitted us to improve the patch efficacy. Today, many of them are using patches during their trainings or even during competions, to prevent traumas or for recovery.


Now, we are working in collaboration with other sports, such as football (Marc Sourice, physiotherapist from SCO d’Angers) or the Handball (Laurent Bot and Francois Panne, physiotherapist from Valence HB Club) to share our expertise to the greatest number.


PS : Warning, Active Plus 4U patch is NOT a doping product but a well-being product helping the organism to better handle efforts.

Testimonials :


‘Physical dimension is as important as state of mind.’ Kilian loves Nature. It’s this fact that makes him what he is — super-respectful, someone who pushes himself both physically and mentally in the pursuit of his dreams and goals, yet someone who does so only if it gives him genuine pleasure and whets his appetite…



‘Being in nature and in the mountains brings me such a feeling of freedom that time and the outside world don’t count anymore.’ Emelie’s love of life is contagious, anyone who’s been caught in the beam of her race-day smile will attest to that. She’s also completely in tune with her body, she trains when…



In addition to being a very good ultra runner, François is also a physiotherapist and a wine producer. His physiotherapist approach saves him from numerous mistakes in the preparation, the managing or the recovery of races. During races, he focuses on his feelings, trying to ignore other runners, which often allows him to be very…



‘Believe in yourself, believe in love, be optimistic, believe in the impossible, never stop believing in it and in the end, find yourself running a 100-mile race’ Tim loves to go for long runs in the mountains and capture the magnificent creation mother-earth has entrusted to us. For him, competition is the opportunity to dig…



‘Focus on having fun each day rather than having fun only once you have reached your goal.’ A little introverted, is how Anton describes himself. His cool and minimalist attitude, along with the beard, the long hair, the tiny shorts/topless uniform, living in his pick-up truck — it all adds to Anton’s allure. Anton is…


Events & Races 2017

COME FIND US ON ALL THESE TRAIL RUNNING RACES NAMED BELOW The patches are laid by professionals trained to our method. Patches and laying will be charged 30€ To have more informations about our attendance to an event you can contact us at :     EVENEMENTS DATE AP4U TENT Magasin Marathon Bessans 8/9 january…