Because we all have discomforts more or less incapacitating, Active Plus 4U created a natural patch that enable to quickly relieve a disrupted area, also more ease and more comfort on long term.

The patch Active Plus 4U is made only of metal oxides such as iron, titan, cobalt, silicon…, finely ground. Each oxide is known for its reflective capacity of the far-infrared wavelength and will act as a mirror reemitting back more than 95% of the far-infrared emitted by the body.

The energy reemitted to the body through the patch will stimulate the area on which it is applied.



 Le patch doesn’t have any side effect, there is no active principle, no ingredient penetrates into the organism.



A natural self-stimulation of the body through the far-infrared wavelength :

The clinical research showed that the infrared light (notably the far infrared which are between 4 and 14microns) stimulate the circulatory system by increasing the blood flow.

The increase of blood flow has for effects to reduce the inflammation, to facilitate the drainage and to imrove the toxins elimination contained in the tissues of the disrupted area.



Relieve easily your discomfort by yourself :

You just have to apply patches directly  on the disrupted area of the body in order to bring quickly ease and comfort. Other remote points are suggested for a better efficacy in the time.



Complete action area for Active Plus 4U patches:

Thanks to their targeted action on chosen points, the patches will release muscle, tendon, joint blockages, but also digestive (stomach, intestine) and uterine (periods) tensions. They restore suppleness to all the tissues on which the patches are applied. Very effective on old scars, but also on daily blows, bumps and bruises


About thirty notices and video tutorials are available in the “Your discomforts” section.


Athletes or not, young or older, the patches are for everyone!

2/ Physical action of the patch :

Active Plus 4U are not drugs, there is no side effect.

Nothing penetrates in the body, patches are not transdermal.

Each human being shine like a 100 watt light bulb in the infrared (non visible with our eye but visible with thermal camera cf picture below)


To produce infrared radiation, laboratories are using LED emitting different ranges of infrared, each labs highlighting the emission intensity of their machines (Saunas, lamps, lasers)

But each human being emits his own infrared with different wavelength along the day, in much lower intensity than the machines that correspond exactly with cellular needs.


Our will is to not pertubate the organism with a stimulation too strong, the patch reemit the maximum of infrared emitted by our cells with their original intensity. This energy becomes immediatly usable by the body. To do it, the patch has to be laid against the skin.

The results obtained with the Active Plus 4U patches overcome all the existing process because they reemit the body energy (FIR between 4 and 20 micrometers) without modify it, like a mirror.


Active Plus 4U patches are an exceptional source of far infrared for our cells.


3/ Principle of action

1) Lay an Active Plus 4U patch directly on the discomfort area

The discomfort relieve is really fast, sometimes total, but most  of the time partial. This is why, we looked for others points that will improve the effects in order to have a complete and lasting relaxation.

2) The secondary points :

To find these points, we took inspiration from different manual therapies to identify all the application points.

– In osteopathy, physiotherapy, kinesiology and others manual therapies, each muscle has a trigger point that enables the propagation of the information and the energy in the whole muscle. It’s the same idea for the joint where the joint capsule is close from the skin. Ligaments have also their own key points.

– In chinese medicine, the action of the patch on acupuncture point give us many possibilities on muscles, joint, organs and even on emotion management.


With all these differents approaches, we are now able to identify and highlight ideal application points for Active Plus 4U patch in order find again a well-being on the area of discomfort. 


We are offering around thirty instructions and tutorials grouped in 10 themes :

  • Ankle, calf, Achilles’ tendon
  • Inner and outer knee, kneecap, quadriceps, aging knee
  • Hip, pubis, adductors muscles, aging hip
  • Lumbar, sciatic nerve, crural nerve
  • Cervical, dorsal
  • Shoulder, biceps
  • Elbow, forearm
  • Wrist, fingers, carpian canal
  • Digestive, stomach and intestine
  • Woman, periods and venous return


3) The 3 ways of action:


  1. To prevent

The application of an Active Plus 4U patch on a known discomfort area will help to reinforce this area, to prevent and limit the appearance of discomfort feelings

  1. On acute phase of discomfort

Apply patches on the different areas where the discomfort is perceived. Alleviation through the increase of the microcirculation that decrease inflammatory systems.

  1. For recovery and stabilization

Thanks to Far infrared radiation, the microcirculation is increased, allowing a better restoration of the tissues and a better cleaning of the cells waste.