You’re willing to be trained to the Active Plus method and the use of Active Plus 4U patches,

visit the website dedicated to the trainings offered to Sport, Health professional and dentists.

Active Plus Academy

The Active Plus Academy offers a certified training, allowing you to be registered on the list of practitioners trained to the Active Plus method.

  • The ACTIVE PLUS HEALTH method is open to all the medical professions (physicians, midwives, dentists), paramedical professions (Physiotherapist, nurse, podo, speech therapist, occupational therapist) and unconventional professions (Posturologist, osteopath, chiropractor, kinesiologist, chinese medicine, naturapothic)


  • The ACTIVE PLUS SPORT method is open to all the diplomas of sport coach, sport educator, medical professions, paramedical and unconventional professions.


  • The ACTIVE PLUS DENTAIRE method is reserved for general practitioners dentists and orthodontists. As a personal enrichment, the medical and paramedical professions are welcome in the basic module.


For more information on training dates and locations, prices and registration, click here.